Blitz Boy

Real Name: Randy Collins


“You won’t regret this, and you won’t be alone. No, you hear me, I’ll always be right there by your side. Christina’s dashing sidekick.”
“I don’t know if…”
“You’re right, you’re right. They won’t know I’m Christina’s dashing sidekick, I’ll be Blitz Boy. And you, you’ll be Blitz.”
“Randy that’s so dumb.”
“Aw, come on, superhero’s need alter ego’s or there’s no point.”
“Why The Blitz…”
“Not The Blitz, Blitz. Listen, Blitz means lightning in German, but can kinda mean fast too, it works great.”
“I dunno… wasn’t that something to do with the war?”
“Psh, I dunno, didn’t I just say I didn’t go to school.”
“Come on, it’ll be fine.”


Blitz Boy

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